Riad Luciano



Excursions with Luciano Guides are different from other tour experiences. You’ll encounter firsthand the beauty and hospitality of Moroccan culture by visiting real Berber homes in the villages of the High Atlas mountains south of Marrakech. You’ll spend an afternoon, two days, or more meeting the people and learning about their lives. Our excursions aren’t about camels and palm trees, but discovering another way of life.

Guided tour of the Medina (Private)

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Marrakech by exploring the Medina and its small alleys, the Souk and its artisans, its colors and its diversity of materials ... You will be haunted by Marrakchis spirits. Also discover the most famous historical monuments of the city in the company of our most recognized official guides.

-For a group of 1 to 3 people : 600 dhs

-For a group of 4 to 6 people : +100dhs / pers supp

-For a group of 1 to 3 people : 950 dhs

-For a group of 4 to 6 people : +150 dhs / pers supp

Package on demand

The three valleys (Private)

Get ready for a full day adventure through the High Atlas Mountains. It is a 4x4 day whose program will be the visit of an authentic Berber market, the discovery of the Ourika valley and the Asni valley, passing through small Berber villages far from the tourist circuits while familiarizing yourself with their traditions and lifestyle, to finally have lunch in a Berber house facing Mount Toubkal, with a breathtaking view.

-For a group of 2 people : 900dhs / pers

-For a group of 3 people : 700dhs /pers

-For a group of 4 to 6 people : 600dhs /pers

Transportation + Souk or museum visit + Lunch at the Berber house

20 min camel ride : 100 dhs / pers

During your visit to the villages, you meet many children. Do not hesitate to bring them back your children’s unused clothes, shoes, pens or toys to give these objects a second life and make these children happy.

The Desert of Agafay (Private)

At the gates of Marrakech at 1 hour drive, nestled in the arid lands of the dunes of Agafay, is a breathtaking desert oasis in a calm environment, serenity and security, this desert camp offers you a magical place , traditional and intimate that will bring you back to the sources, in a luxurious and authentic setting.

– Round trip transport : 800 dhs (1 to 4 people)

– Lunch : 350dhs /pers

– Dinner : 550 dhs / pers

– Camel ride : 300 dhs / pers

The Berber Village of Imlil (Private)

At 1h30 from Marrakech is the village of Imlil, a starting point for most hikes, it is a magnificent place for those who would like to enjoy the calm of nature and explore the surroundings of Toubkal National Park, the most high peak of North Africa. And to end your experience in style, enjoy lunch on the terrace of the famous Kasbah Toubkal.

– Round trip transport : 900 dhs (1 to 4 people)

– Lunch at Kasbah Toubkal : 300 dhs / pers

The cooking workshop in the countryside (Private)

It is in a small organic farm about thirty kilometers from Marrakech that the secrets of successful Moroccan cuisine will be revealed. Indeed, you will be guided in the preparation of typical dishes such as the famous Tajine, indicating the necessary techniques and ingredients. You will therefore prepare a real meal that you will then enjoy in the beautiful vegetable gardens.

Included : (750 dhs / pers)

– Round trip
– Introduction about Moroccan cuisine and presentation of the place
– Cooking class in the Chef’s vegetable garden
– Lunch and soft drinks

Ourika Valley (Private)

Escape to the Ourika Valley which is located 1 hour from Marrakech, which is considered one of the busiest green valleys in Morocco with its pictures que Berber village surrounded by agricultural fields and olive trees. Visit the cooperatives where women make Argan oil and carpets. Walk along towards the waterfalls to cool off while hiking around the mountains.

Included :  ( 900 dhs – 1 to 4 pers)

– Round trip 
– A visit to the Berber house or the Argan oil cooperative
– Access to the waterfalls (According to your choice)

Quad, Buggy or Dromedary (Private)

In these experiences, we offer you a choice of walks in the city of the Palmeraie. A sensational opportunity for beginners or professionals to discover these magnificent landscapes of hills, oases and Berber villages where we will take a break to taste a Moroccan tea with honey pancakes

(Round trip transport + 2h tour + tea break) :
– Pilot : 450 dhs / pers
– Passenger : 200 dhs / pers

(Round trip transport + 2h tour + tea break) :
– Pilot : 700 dhs / pers
– Passenger : 200 dhs / pers

(Round trip transport + 1h tour + tea break) :
– Adult Person: 300 dhs / pers
– Child (Max 7 years old): 150 dhs / pers

A day in Essaouira (Private)

A 3 hour drive from Marrakech, you will discover a small port town founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese: Essaouira. Stroll through the city's souks and walk along the ramparts between land and sea. Nothing could be nicer than a walk on the sand with your feet in the water after your lunch.

Included : 1200 dhs (1 to 4 people)

– Round trip transfer with English and French speaking driver
– Visit of the Argan manufacturing cooperative